What Made Them Iconic - MAGNUM Photographers and Their Contact Sheets


Magnum Contact Sheets is a softcover book that shows the behind-the-scenes of some of history's most iconic photographs. Published by Thames and Hudson just last October of 2017, Magnum Contact Sheets will provide context and a POV inside the editing rooms of this prestigious organization.

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Not a lot of photographers in this day and age know what a contact sheet is or what it's for. It may be one thing that's falling into obscurity but it really shouldn't. This book shows how important of a tool contact sheets really are. It's what the most veteran photographers use to scrutinize their work frame by frame — every angle, slight change in lighting or action is critiqued by the photographers themselves and their editors.

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It's amazing to see these contact sheet go into print. They give us lessons on how these distinguished photographers edited and improved themselves by carefully reviewing their work. What a beautiful and meticulous method — reading the editors' and photographers' notes, seeing their scribbles and editing markings on the sheets.

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As Lomographers, we can't help but see the beauty of the frames that didn't make the cut. After all, we're a community that accepts flaws and embraces imperfections. It's difficult to throw away photos but sometimes, the best of the best need to do that bit.

MAGNUM Contact Sheets
Published by Thames and Hudson
Format: Softcover
Pages: 524
Artwork: 446 illustrations
Contributors: Kristen Lubben

All information used in this article was sourced from Feature Shoot, MAGNUM Photos and Thames and Hudson.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I saw this exhibition in Berlin a few years ago, really very very interesting to see the whole work a photographer shot on a roll to get the perfect shot! Sometimes one of many variants of the same, but other times an unique shot that captured the best moment!

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