Returning Amigo Walter Tan and the Lomo'Instant Wide in South Korea

Currently a student in Singapore, returning Amigo Walter Tan took the Lomo'Instant Wide with him in South Korea. His snaps include great time with friends and reflects his current lifestyle of being young, talented, and having fun.

© Walter Tan

How have you been? Any new projects you are keen to share?

Hola! I have been pretty busy with my work for the past one year producing many fashion and beauty ads in Singapore. I also ventured into producing music videos last year such as:

Time flies… I am now finishing up my last semester in National University of Singapore and getting into my business proper thereafter. I have a product line planned out for my photography business that has not been done in Singapore and I am really excited to launch it come May. It is still in the pipeline!

I will also be revealing some big news on my Instagram account regarding the new product line for my photography business and I hope people take interest in it when it is out. It is really something that I feel very much for and I hope it will spark some friendships from there on!

Other than that, I have a few beauty campaign videos coming up.

© Walter Tan

How is the experience of shooting film in South Korea?

It was really fun shooting with the film as I wasn’t sure how the film would turn out like. And more often than not, we will not return to the place that we shot at and proceed with the rest of our itinerary. So this really makes all the films very memorable despite how the films turned out like.

© Walter Tan

Please share a bit more about your shoot with the Lomo'Instant Wide.

During my trip at Jeju, the Lomo’Instant Wide really helped me keep some of my best travel memories. I took some of the shots at the airbnb in Jeju that I was staying at and gave the house manager a few films I shot of her. Without the camera, I wouldn’t have any souvenir to leave for her to thank her for taking such good care of us. She really felt like a family to me despite us not having a common language to communicate and I am really beyond thankful that I am able to leave something behind which spells the essence of memories.

Other than that, I also found the timer mode really useful especially when I travelled to Korea with 3 other friends. We had a photo of all 4 of us standing in front of a really nice light installation in the middle of the night in Seoul. Thanks to the function, I do not have to trouble any passerby to snap a shot of us four times so that all of us can keep a shot for keepsake.

There were also a few funny moments during my shoot with the Lomo’Instant Wide. I realised I had forgotten to take out the lens cap for more than 3 times after we saw the film. It was hilarious and also painful for wasting the precious films! Hahaha so now I have a few pure black films lying around somewhere in my room.

© Walter Tan

Check out Walter's previous work with the Petzval 85 Art Lens here and know more about him through his website and Instagram.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-02-06 #gear #people

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