Lomography Earl Grey for the Streets


A film is a paintbox waiting to be unleashed. For decisive moments in the streets, the Lomography Earl Grey brings out the classic, Bresson-like quality that we’ve all come to know and aspire to replicate.

Credits: robertofiuza

Black and White Diary

Black and white films are perfect for capturing the angles and perspectives of the city. See the world from a different perspective, pay close attention to light and composition, and go on an urban adventure with Lomography Earl Grey .

Credits: robertofiuza

Shape the World Around You

When you step into a black and white world, you see objects and shapes differently. Small details and dramatic lighting become your focus when you are not distracted by color. With Lomography Earl Grey, buildings turn into solid geometrical shapes.

Credits: xsara

A Touch of Grey

With the black and white film, you can enjoy the subtlety of tones and get photographs that are classy and timeless at the same time. The creative process becomes more versatile and you’ll see the world in highlights and shadows.

Credits: pierrickmorin

Be brave and try out something new, create images with the soft shades of grey and take your photographic journey to the next level. Black and white photography is all about leaving your comfort zone and learning how to play around with different shades of black, white and all the grey tones in between.

Captivating Street Portraits

Take inspiring portraits of people on the street and capture the best of their personalities. The contrast of the light and darkness will set a perfect mood for your portraits and help you focus on your subjects and their emotions.

Credits: aka_papu

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2018-02-04 #gear

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