Petzval 58 Art Lens: Perfect for Pet Portraits, Too!

Chances are, your mobile phone's camera roll has tons of pet photos. Cats sneaking quietly, dogs acting silly... the list goes on. We totally get you! Pets make adorable subjects no matter what they're up to. Now, here’s a new idea: step up from candid snapshots and take a professional portrait of your furry friend.

Credits: mont0417

Focus on the cute factor and use a Petzval 58 Bokeh Control with your Nikon F or Canon EF analogue or digital SLR cameras. This premium lens keeps your subject sharp, while the background blurs softly into beautiful bokeh.

Credits: mont0417 & kazuhiko1107

If you want to add a fun touch to your fancy pet portraits, you can slip in some Special Aperture Plates 58. Choose from a variety of shapes such as hearts, diamonds, and stars to customize your bokeh detail.

Photos: Cat of See more photos here.

So the next time you’re out for a walk or just lounging with your favorite pet, make your bonding moments extra special with a Petzval pet portrait!

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