Defining the Nouvelle Vague: Raymond Cauchetier's Set Shots in "Jules et Jim"

The "Nouvelle Vague", or the French New Wave, was a revolutionary movement in French cinema, in which romance in socio-political issues of the 60's became the new mod of artistry. The photographer Raymond Cauchetier has captured all of its beginnings, as with the iconic film "Jules et Jim".

The romantic comedy film was where spearhead François Truffaut created a new language in French cinema, incorporating rules of photography, footage as well as comprehensive shot lists. Paired with his cinematographer Raoul Coutard did the film came to be.

But one of the rarely sung heroes of the New Wave was photographer Raymond Cauchetier, known affectionately as the "Photographer of the New Wave". He was the set photographer of many iconic New Wave films, always behind the scenes of Truffaut or Jean-Luc Godard, capturing the "work-in-progress" of what would become film classics. Many of his set photographs have this sort of candidness and openness, yet lifelike; as if real life scenes could be turned into scenes from the movies. Here are some of his photographs for "Jules et Jim (1962)".

Images are from Flashbak.

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