Siegfried A. Fruhauf and the Supersampler


Siegfried A. Fruhauf's visual project was triggered by the sounds of Jörg Mikula, who immediately inspired him with his unique drum sound and presented the perfect base for Furhauf's short film.

Where do we go? by Siegfried A. Fruhauf

Today, the question of where to go, if even being allowed to go there, has grown in importance in the resent years. With so many people having to leave their homes, desperate to find a new one, this question has gotten a negative connotation again, rather than the feeling of freedom, as it has had a few years prior. The visual motifs Fruhauf is creating with his project, are a multi-layered piece of art, all leading to the one question: Where do we go?

Where do we go? by Siegfried A. Fruhauf

The film was shot on train rides with the LOMO SUPERSAMPLER, while passing train stations and landscapes. The camera decomposes the entity of the passing scenery. All the pieces and parts of the journey depict lost places and forgotten homes, and were reconstructed to a new landscape during post-production.

The images are accompanied by the virtuous solo drum-sounds by Jörg Mikula, who's music is combining pop and jazz with ethnic stiles.

Follow Siegfrieds work on his website and listen to more of Jörg Mikulas music on his website

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