Loving the Medium - Photography by Zeb Andrews

When photographer Zeb Andrews isn't busy shooting, he's a mentor, volunteer, and a film camera store manager. Actually when you think about it, he never stops being a photographer.

© Zeb Andrews

Zeb believes in the process of photography rather than the output but that doesn't stop him from creating beautiful content. Whether it's on black and white film, color, or maybe even using pinhole cameras, Zeb is capable of creating images that can squeeze out imagination from the crowd. Yes, he is that proficient in different fields of photography.

Zeb captured photos of bridges for a series he made some years ago. It was a continuous project that took him to different places in Portland. Zeb shares with us that he took photos of bridges for a year and he avoided the subject altogether for a few years after. Variety is key and so is avoiding genre or subject limitations. © Zeb Andrews

No, it doesn't stop there. Zeb is also involved in teaching beginners the ways of the lens and the camera. He also manages a local camera store in Portland where they never run out of sparks to share with customers and fellow photography enthusiasts. How does he do all these things? Simple, he just loves photography and the many good things you can do with it.

If you're interested in Zeb's work, you may head over to his website and Instagram for more.

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