Life in Between - Photography by Mike Plumridge

Life on the daily can be... well, ordinary. But there is beauty if you know where to look. Photographer Mike Plumridge does and he takes home some of the most interesting snaps we've seen.

© Mike Plumridge

Hiding under a blanket of boring scenes are a myriad of moments that can amaze you. There are patterns, happy coincidences, rich colors, and interesting frames that are waiting to be discovered. Mike has a trained eye for those kinds of things and he doesn't hesitate to shoot them when the opportunity presents itself. He makes do with what's in front of him, he creates art using scenes of everyday life that really don't look like it at all. It's easy to say that we're instant fans of Mike's and that we'd love to see more of his camera work. Yes please, thank you very much.

© Mike Plumridge

If you're interested in Mike's work, you may head over to his website and Instagram for more.

2018-02-01 #people #artist #photography #talent #feature #mike-plumridge

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