Lomo Backstage: Halfnoise in New York City

Halfnoise in Brooklyn (from left to right: Daniel Kadawatha, Logan MacKenzie, Joey Howard, Joey Mullen, Zac Farro, Giovanni Balabisi) © Sophia Ragomo

LomoAmigo Sophia Ragomo went behind-the-scenes with Nashville-based alternative rock band Halfnoise in New York City to show what a day in the life of the band is really like. From soundcheck to pre-show to performance, Sophia was there to capture all the action. Check out her photos from the day here.

Zac sets up the percussion. © Sophia Ragomo
The gear. © Sophia Ragomo
Logan tunes his guitar. © Sophia Ragomo
Joey tests his mic. © Sophia Ragomo
Zac and Joey coordinate their drum solos. © Sophia Ragomo
Full team soundcheck! © Sophia Ragomo
After leaving the venue, Joey and Joey wait for a ride to dinner with the rest of the band. © Sophia Ragomo
Halfnoise in Chinatown before dinner. © Sophia Ragomo
The guys check out Chinatown while waiting for a table. © Sophia Ragomo
Joey gives Zac a back massage. © Sophia Ragomo
Giovanni heads into Joe's Shanghai with the rest of the group. © Sophia Ragomo
The after-dinner destruction. © Sophia Ragomo
Zac, Giovanni, and Halfnoise manager Robert catch up with friend Lia in her apartment. © Sophia Ragomo
The gang in the stairs on the way down. © Sophia Ragomo
Zac in the building lobby. © Sophia Ragomo
Back at the venue, Daniel writes out the setlist for the night's performance. © Sophia Ragomo
Giovanni helps set up the keyboard. © Sophia Ragomo
Zac with friend and opening act John the Baptist backstage. © Sophia Ragomo
The guys make final touches to the set up. © Sophia Ragomo
Giovanni and Logan watch final soundcheck. © Sophia Ragomo
Moody backstage lighting. © Sophia Ragomo
Logan, Daniel, and Joey chill before the show. © Sophia Ragomo
Pre-show antics. © Sophia Ragomo
Fans anxiously wait for Halfnoise to take the stage. © Sophia Ragomo
Showtime! © Sophia Ragomo
Joey rocking out onstage. © Sophia Ragomo
Giovanni takes to the mic for "French Class." © Sophia Ragomo
Getting into the groove. © Sophia Ragomo
Joey and Zac jam on the drums together. © Sophia Ragomo
Thats a wrap! Goodnight NYC! © Sophia Ragomo

Check out the awesome tunes of Halfnoise on Spotify and be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

See more of Sophia's work on her website and Instagram.

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