Musings in Monochrome - Photography by Lilith Matevosyan

Lilith Matevosyan is a talented photographer based in Sochi, Russia. We've been following her work for a while now and we can't help notice how versatile her style is when it comes to black and white photography.

© Lilith Matevosyan

After seeing her work, we knew that Lilith was an artist who understood the fundamentals of painting with light. We now understand that oftentimes, keeping it basic isn't always simple and that simple can be as intricate as it can be. Lilith's black and white photographs are a proof of that. She puts details in her images — layers that you have to peel one by one to fully grasp what's happening in the frame. It's also not a surprise that some of her photographs channel the work of renowned artists like Diane Arbus, William Klein, and Dorothea Lange to name a few.

© Lilith Matevosyan

If you're interested in Lilith's work, you may head over to her Instagram for more.

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