Young Vietnamese Lomographer Vo Phuoc Hung (VPHUNGLX) And His Analog Fun


The Lomography team had a quick chat with young Vietnamese Lomographer Vo Phuoc Hung a.k.a. @vphunglx about his exploration with film photography and some of his insights:


My name is Vo Phuoc Hung, I’m completing my final grade in Long Xuyen highschool. I have just come to film photography for one year. My love with old cameras came from my hobby: taking photos by my cell phone. I had known about film cameras at the end of 2016, then I asked Ha Lan – my penpal – who lives North from my city, she has lots of old cameras and is very kind with showing me how to use them.

Thanks to Lan, in the middle of Febuary last year (2017) I finally bought an amazing one, the Canon FX. Although it’s metering system does not work anymore, it is still great at capturing motion and moments. My first lens is the Canon FD 50mm f2.0. I tried to visit many places in Long Xuyen where I live and started exploring Can Tho – a neighbor city about 70 kilometers from Long Xuyen to take photos of people and interesting subjects.

My first film roll is Fuji C200, which gives me a little green color in the shadow, and the second is Kodak 200 which gives somehow yellow shadows.


After that, I bought more film rolls to explore more colors. This include the Agfa Vista plus 200, Kodak Vericolor 170, Kodak Max 400, etc. I'm particularly keen on making double exposure effect with my photos to connect some one with a type of plant to express my feeling about that boy or girl whom I asked to be my model.


At that time i also bought two new little cameras (i think they are called compact cameras), these are the "Chinon Auto GL focus free Dx" and the "Tele Cardia Super N-date". These two tiny guys seemed to surprise me by their performance but there was a sad incident with my fourth roll where I accidentally caught a ghost when I was shooting at school. I was really shocked after my film had developed. My friends told me to sell the Chinon Auto GL focus free Dx (which I used with my fourth roll) to avoid something that would harm me. So that is the story about how I ended my relationship with Mr. Chinon.


written by crissyrobles on 2018-02-18


  1. tomasoma
    tomasoma ·

    oh 0_0 ... i'd love to see the picture of the ghost !!! anyway these are beautiful photographs :)

  2. vphunglx
    vphunglx ·

    @tomasoma thank you

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