Tangible Memories with the Lomo'Instant

Instant photographs make nice little keepsakes. They start developing right after you’ve captured a moment, which means you can immediately share them with friends, or adorn your space with instant memories. The Lomo’Instant gives you a very enjoyable shooting experience with its options for multiple exposures, long exposures, and special Lomo’Instant lenses and accessories.

The creativity doesn’t stop when you press down on the shutter button. Here are some fun ways to make your instant memories even more personal and unique. Enjoy!

Instant Frames

Repurpose an old window frame by hanging your instant shots on rows of wire or string. You can change the photos any time you wish, and decorate the frame by covering it with colorful craft tape or paint.

Instant Mini Art

Curate your very own instant exhibit! Pick up a few small easel stands from an arts and crafts supply store and showcase your favorite instant photos. Make the display even more fun by adding other miniature items, such as tiny plants, animals, or other ornaments.

Flip Calendars

Showcase your favorite snapshots and turn them into a flip calendar that you can proudly place on your office desk or study table!

For this tip, you’ll need:

  • A month’s worth of Instax Mini instant photos
  • 12 Instax Wide shots for each month
  • Nails, pins or tacks
  • Small binder clips
  • A piece of wood or cork board
  • Permanent marker

Using a marker, write days 1 to 31 for the Instax Mini shots, and write the months on each of the 12 Instax Wide shots as shown in the photo below. Attach the photos by drilling in some nails, or using push pins and tacks. All you need to do is change the month, since you can reuse the instants you marked from 1 to 31.

Instant Inspiration

We recently introduced two additions to the Lomo’Instant family. Go for the gleaming and golden Lomo’Instant Yangon or the smart and stylish Lomo’Instant Oxford.

L-R: Lomo'Instant Yangon and Lomo'Instant Oxford, both with lens attachments.

With three shooting modes to choose from, you can shoot impressive instants in various lighting situations. Plus, the built-in wide-angle lens lets you closer to your subject for up-close-and-personal snaps. There are lens attachments that you can use with the Lomo’Instant family, too: Fisheye, Close-Up, and Portrait.

Nighttime and multiple exposures are easy too, with the Bulb setting and MX mode. You can even make your shots extra vibrant with the color gel filters that easily slip into the flash slot, so you can illuminate your subject with a splash of color!

Visit the Shop or a Gallery Store near you to pick up your very own Lomo’Instant!

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