Gear Envy - Panomicron by Oscar Oweson

There's no denying that beautiful and shiny cameras make us swoon here in the community but we also give ample time to feature DIY projects that are truly one-of-a-kind. Take for instance this ultra-wide panorama camera designed and made by Oscar Oweson.

Panomicron by Oscar Oweson via The Phoblographer

Oscar created this ultra-wide panoramic camera using nothing but an old stereo camera. This camera shoots 93 x 24mm images on 35mm film and it uses a Mamiya press lens to accommodate the wide aspect ratio. It's a real awesome piece of engineering if you ask us.

Panomicron by Oscar Oweson via The Phoblographer

We spotted this camera over at The Phoblographer and according to Oscar's interview on the site, he hopes to create more projects in the future. Honestly, this is an impressive piece and we hope that Oscar can push through with his studies so he can make more amazing DIY camera gear such as this in the near future. This just goes to show that if you can't buy gear, make one!

Information used in this article was sourced from The Phoblographer. If you're interested in Oscar's photographic work, you may head over to his Instagram for more.

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