Aitor Saraiba with La Sardina DIY

The Madrid based artist Aitor Saraiba shares with us the result of his personalization of the Sardina DIY. Check out the fantastic design and know more about his life as he writes, draws, and lives, through the pictures he's taken with the camera...

Credits: Aitor Saraiba

Hello Aitor. Welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I'm Aitor Saraiba, I write, draw, take photos, go for walks, read, listen to music, make ceramics, sometimes I fall in love, other times I fall out of love, on some occasions I get lost, but always find myself at the end.

Credits: Aitor Saraiba

Tell us more about your artistic journey

Well, I've spent 15 years dedicating myself above all to drawing and on the way I've carried out a lot of projects, my graphic novels, my poetry books, my photography projects... I have collaborated with different museums, galleries and brands. I have travelled from one tip of the planet to the other thanks to my job, and that's been one of the best things my drawings have given me.

Credits: Aitor Saraiba

What do you try to convey through your works?

Daily life. My work has always been based on that, in my stories of the day to day, in what happens to me and to the people who are around me. Right now, I am preparing my exhibition "Diez años para nada 2008/2018", which will be at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid, sitting down and trying to sort out my drawings from the last 10 years, it was like a gigantic logbook. I think that's what Art is, a logbook that the artist keeps writing on and some spectators identify themselves with him, others don't.

What has been the most notable moment of your life as an artist?

The failures, which are what I have learnt from the most. I have lived through many and would repeat each and every one of them.

Describe your style in three words

I try to be: Brave, Fair and Happy.

Credits: Aitor Saraiba

How was the process of personalising your Sardina DIY - Where did you find inspiration?

It has been a pleasure, really, because I am a BIG fan of LOMO. And when I got the camera I wanted to put so many things on it that at the end I said to myself 'Well, I'll put them all' hahaah. And that's how I ended up creating this kind of collage with different drawings and phrases.

Tell us about the photos you shot with the camera

The photos are from my day to day. My dog, the man I love, my table, my tea, my drawings, the wall where I put things that inspire me. I wanted people to see the backroom of my work, what my life is like while I write and I draw, and above all, live.

Credits: Aitor Saraiba

Why did you choose to take pictures in black and white?

I love Black and White photography, it has that immortal and timeless quality that obsesses me. I like things that could belong to any era.

Credits: Aitor Saraiba

Upcoming projects?

In February, I'm inaugurating my exhibition "Diez años para nada 2008/2018" at La Fresh Gallery, Madrid. In March, I'm publishing a book together with the illustrator Paula Bonet, it's called "Por el Olvido" and it's a project that I've been working on for 4 years, I wrote the text and Paula Bonet I've been very lucky to have illustrate it. In April, I'm opening the exhibition Mad is Mad, together with one of my favourite illustrators Julio Dolbeth. And, well, there are more things that will be happening over the year, but for now it's too soon to talk about them... ;)

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