On Capturing and Creating - an Interview with Tiffany Roubert

You'll know a Tiffany Roubert photograph when you see one — her photographs are just so full of life and character. We recently got in touch with her and we have nothing but praises for her attitude towards work and her creative process. Get to know her as we did in this quick chat and you might just learn a thing or two from this amazing artist.

© Tiffany Roubert

Hey, Tiffany! We wish you a warm welcome to the Lomography Magazine! What creative projects are you working on at the moment?

Hi! Thank you so much. At the moment I’m mostly collaborating with agencies that book me for projects with event and artists but I’m really thinking of creating a new personal series soon… suspense?!

© Tiffany Roubert

Do you remember when did you take your very first photograph? How did you decide to embark on this photographic journey?

I first started taking pictures when I was studying in Australia, in 2012. The pictures were terrible at first but somehow I liked the feeling pressing the shutter gave me, so I decided to shoot some more… and I’ve never stopped since then. It’s not easy everyday to make a living out of it but it wouldn’t be so fulfilling if it was easy or simple I guess.

© Tiffany Roubert

In your opinion, what is necessary to establish a unique photographic style?

Technical skills matter of course but it’s necessary to put your heart and soul into your work. A picture must have a soul; it must be more than just technically good. Looking at other people’s work helps establishing a unique photographic style. It also helps to learn what you want to do or not. To develop my own style I shoot what I love, whether it’s people or places.

© Tiffany Roubert

Your work has been featured in various magazines around the globe. What is it that drives you to create inspiring content each day? What is your source of inspiration?

I guess all of the different people I meet. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few countries and now I live in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world (London), which allows me to meet and discover new people sharing new stories all the time.

© Tiffany Roubert

I understand you are currently based in London. What are some of your favorite places to shoot in London?

I love shooting in East London. Brick lane/Shoreditch area. It’s like a giant photo studio, the street art of this area provides the perfect backdrop for great London street photography. It's another area like Camden, full of characters and which really stands out from the surrounding areas. Perfect for every kind of shoot.

I also love shooting on The Millennium Bridge that crosses the River Thames sort of half-way between the Tower Bridge and the Westminster Bridge (down by Big Ben). It gives a direct shot at St. Paul's Cathedral.

© Tiffany Roubert

You have a master's degree in photojournalism and documentary photography as well. What's the most important thing you learned about photography throughout your education?

It’s a great experience because it completely removes you from your comfort zone. Suddenly, nobody who sees your photography has any interest in making you feel better about yourself (Hi mum!) and it forces you to take pictures that you would never take otherwise. So I guess the most important thing I’ve learned while taking this course was that the camera is like a passport, it gives access to things we would have never considered observing or even taking part in before. Photography simply opens up the whole world to me and I look at everything differently because of that.

© Tiffany Roubert

How crucial is it for you to connect with your models before the actual shoot?

I love creating images that can transport a certain mood so it’s really important to me to connect with my models. I like getting to know my subject beforehand and photographing a person for their personality.

© Tiffany Roubert

What's a day like in the life of Tiffany Roubert when she is not shooting new projects?

It can be made of friends, exploration, cafe places and pubs… but also lot of searching models & locations/editing pictures/sending emails!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Tiffany for letting us publish her work in the Magazine. If you're interested in her work, you may head over to her website and Instagram for more amazing content.

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