Lomo'Instant Square Glass Hype Around the World!


Corr, the Lomo’Instant Square Glass gets around a bit doesn’t it, eh?! Since we launched the availability of our hottest new dual-format instant camera in Janurary, it’s been making creative shock waves far and wide across four different continents! Get in all the Lomo’Instant Square Glass hype and have a lil peek at these freshly squeezed square shots by Lomographers themselves…

''With its fancy, foldable design and super sharp image quality, the Lomo’Instant Square is one of my daily essentials!'' —Karson Cheng, Hong Kong

Photos by learnenvy, Los Angeles, and Julia_dzuj, Vienna

‘‘Such a rad camera. Compact and super light to carry! My Lomography instant collection is complete!’’ —Edward Conde, Los Angeles

Photo by haitchchamp, Oregon

An Instant Hit

Constructed with unique, foldable bellows, this hot new instant memory maker is reminiscent of classic camera models that defined the golden era of photography. Creatives around the planet have been getting in touch to let us know how much they're loving the impressive sharpness that the glass lens gives, the dual-format capability and retro chic design. We're so happy you love it as much as we do!

‘‘Super excited that my Lomo’Instant Square arrived today. Loaded with film and ready to roll!'' —outsidemaddie, New York

Photo taken by lomographytaiwan

‘‘The features and flexibility of it really make it a one of a kind machine.’’ —Matthew Christiansen, Taiwan
‘‘I love the Lomo’Instant Square, it's my favorite of all the Lomo'Instants—and I’ve got them all! —Koduckgirl, San Francisco

Dramatic Design

‘‘I really like how it collapses into a portable size, the creative features, and the sharpness of the glass lens.’’ —Judy M. Boyle, Pennsylvania
‘‘Another red beauty!’’ —Renko Recke, Paris

A Square Success

The Lomo’Instant Square is the sum of everything we’ve learned from years developing instant cameras, and close interaction with the Lomography Community —our eternal source of inspiration; constantly daring further into photographical exploration. So, thanks guys! ;)

Photo by Karson Cheng, Hong Kong

2018-01-25 #gear


  1. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Big love to @lomography for picking one of my shots 😍

  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    the results people are getting are super inspiring!

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