Midnight Meanderings with the LC-Wide

As soon as the sun goes down and soft, ethereal moonlight descends over the crowded cityscape, workers call it a day and shuffle back to their apartment blocks. While the rest of the city settles down to sleep, a myriad of multi-colored-neon lights, flickering shop signs and glaring car headlights illuminate the night.

Credits: frenchyfyl

A Kaleidoscope of Vivid Vistas

Seize the chance to capture the glimmering metropolis with the LC-Wide, a 35mm film camera with an Ultra-Wide-Angle 17mm Minigon 1 lens capable of creating intense colors and breathtaking saturation on all your nocturnal night excursions.

The city reawakens at night, so take a step back and absorb all the glorious glow for yourself.
Credits: shuttersentinel17, cinzinc & 400-asa

Vibrant Vingettes

The LC-Wide embodies the legendary Lomo Look, crafting high-contrast colors against moody, dark edges with a sharp center. Search for streaking lights, abandoned buildings and deserted metro stations.

Credits: vgzalez, jerryka, kylesherman, eva_eva, opon21 & shuttersentinel17

Photos taken with the LC-Wide

Creative Close-Ups

It's not all about sweeping cityscapes and striking streetlights though, some of the best nighttime shots are achieved by carefully constructing close-up compositions. Make the most of the LC-Wide's closest focusing distance (0.4m), and start plunging into the foreground and muting the background. Look for light reflections in puddles, seek out the iridescent glow of oil slicks and take phosphorescent portraits.

Credits: reneg88
Credits: gunship & abcdefuck

Get your LC-Wide from the Lomography Online Shop or a Gallery Store you, and make sure you stock up on plenty of 35mm film, choose a tripod and a powerful flash and you'll never miss a moment on all your midnight meanderings!

2018-01-26 #gear

Lomography Color Negative 400 (35mm)

You'll love the vibrant colors and stunning sharpness that the Lomography Color Negative 400 35mm film can give you.

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