Walking in a Dream with the TEN AND ONE Residents

Being surrounded by kindred souls in a picturesque city is dream come true to any Lomographer. During the TEN AND ONE Residency Week, we gathered creatives from across the globe to share their passion for photography in a jam-packed week filled with activities. Aside from a tour around Vienna and Bratislava, they also had the opportunity to try out Lomography's different cameras, films, and Art Lenses. In this showcase, we put the spotlight in the painterly photographs captured by Claudia Sajeva (@-dakota-) using the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens and Pentax K5II.

Credits: -dakota-

No spectacle is needed to make a lasting photograph for there is beauty even in the quiet in-between. Even on the train bound to their next destination or an ordinary walk along an unfamiliar path, every scene and smile was definitely worth capturing. All one need is that desire to keep that fleeting, emotional moment frozen in a frame—something to remember a great day with newfound friends by.

Credits: -dakota-

2018-01-27 #gear #art-lens #lomography-art-lens #daguerreotype-achromat-art-lens

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