Skillful Silhouettes with the Legendary LC-A 120


Everyone’s always telling you to shoot with the light source behind you, to position your subject in front of a strong glow in order to emphasize texture and form. What if we told you to defy that rule completely?

Swivel round 180 degrees and tackle that light source head on cos’ it's time to start snapping some seriously insane Silhouettes with the LC-A 120!

Credits: raywychin

Photo taken with the LC-A 120

If it wasn't LC-A+, I don't think I would have become a photographer!’’ — raywychin, Hong Kong

Face the Light

Silhouetting is all about discarding detail and texture, and showcasing bold shapes on brilliantly bright backgrounds. To craft a silhouette with your LC-A 120, first you need to know how to achieve Contre-jour. Contre-jour (French for "against daylight") is a technique in which the camera points directly toward a source of light — and it's super simple to master!

Five Simple Silhouette Steps

Step 1 Find a subject with distinctive, recognizable shape that will look dramatic in two-dimensional form
Step 2 Isolate your subject against a simple, uncluttered background to ensure their shape alone is the most dramatic part of your composition.
Step 3 If you’re shooting outdoors: turn off your flash to reduce the amount of light falling on your subject. The light source should come from behind your subject towards your lens.
Step 4 Focus directly on your subject to emphasize super crisp form.
Step 5 SHOOT!

Credits: needle76

Photos taken with the LC-A 120

Tip! To avoid lens flare, take your shot from a shaded position.You'll still have the same brilliantly lit background but your subject will be crisper. Alternatively, as you know we at Lomography love all fortunate, creative ''mistakes'', so we say, embrace the flare! Shoot at the sunniest time of the day (11am or 2pm) and point your camera up to that glowing orb in the sky, or angle your shots way down low during dawn and sunset.

Punchy Portraits

Did you know, long before the advent of daguerreotypes, Silhouette profiles cut from black card were seen as economical alternatives to the portrait miniatures. These small, business-card style portraits were made from enamel, painted with watercolors and carried by the sixteenth-century elite to impress acquaintances.

Fast forward a few centuries and we’re still just as fascinated by Silhouettes and profiles as we were then. And with an LC-A 120, a medium format analogue legend equipped a 38mm Minigon XL multi-coated glass lens with quick four-step zone focusing system, you can start capturing crisp contours like these!

Credits: fotobes, wil6ka & raywychin

Photos taken with the LC-A 120

Dramatic Architectural Design

Some of the most spectacular silhouettes are found in man made forms, and because the LC-A 120 comes in a compact, convenient size, it’s ideal for all your most adventurous urban expeditions.

Credits: stacy_mcpommes

Photo taken with the LC-A 120

Angle your LC-A 120 up to the skies and exaggerate the edges of buildings, seek out moody low-light streets and capture spooky shadows. Accentuate creative construction, and celebrate towering skyscrapers. What are you waiting for? There’s a concrete jungle out there just waiting to be discovered!

Credits: vicuna, kleinerkaries, wil6ka, schugger, vikkki & pearlgirl77

Photos taken with the LC-A 120

Pick up your very own LC-A 120 from the Lomography Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you now, and don’t forget to stock up on plenty of film too!

2018-01-27 #gear

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  1. montagu
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    Real nice work here

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    Love my LC-A 120!!! Hey @montagu!

  3. montagu
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    @edwardconde get that bad boy to work, wanna see your pics in the next LC-A 120 compilation!;)

  4. guanatos
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    awesome compikatin! hey @montagu @edwardconde !

  5. edwardconde
    edwardconde ·

    @montagu @guanatos - Got some shots in queue from the airport in Belgium.. The camera is so quiet the guy didn't hear the click or the camera advancing... LOL.. 120 is perfect for street photography!

  6. montagu
    montagu ·

    @edwardconde @guanatos now you're just tempting me to buy one

  7. guanatos
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    @montagu you know you should....

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