Photography as Fine Art: Instant Surrealism

In the 1920s, a cultural shift shook the artistic world. Surrealism, a school of thought committed to escaping the shackles of reason, swept through Europe, raising writers, artists and thinkers whose work championed the imagination, the subconscious and the irrational.

Photos by: lzyrich Cédric Jereb, dop and somapic

Embarking on a voyage of discovery through the often-terrifying landscape of dreams and the inner workings of the mind, creatives such as Salvador Dali, André Breton and Joan Miró threw their audience into the unsettling, uncanny realm of a reality removed from but recognisable as our own. And with a Lomo’Instant camera in your hand, you can follow them. Create a dreamscape by layering up your frame with unlimited multiple exposures, reject realism by dividing your shot into segments using the Splitzer, splash your shot in shocks of color using color gel flash filters, and fill your frame with psychedelic light paintings using long-exposure Bulb Mode.

Unlimited Multiple Exposures

Each Lomo’Instant camera has a Multiple Exposure Mode, letting you expose the same frame as many times as you like to impose one scene upon another. It’s perfect for representing the confusing landscape of dreams, or exploring your inner psyche. Try putting all the things that define you into one shot for a surreal self-portrait!

Photos by: oulpiana, Lomography and noemielegall

Surreal Splitzer Shots

The Lomo’Instant Automat Glass, Lomo’Instant Automat and Lomo’Instant Wide lens packages all come with a Splitzer. Attach it to your lens to split your shot into psychedelic segments! Maybe there’s two sides to your personality, maybe your attention is divided, maybe in your dreams the world is upside down, back to front, mirrored in itself. With the Splitzer, you can immortalise your surreal visions on film.

Photos by: merry, cantanriseven and lomographyfrance
“If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream.” — René Magritte

Tinted Frames

Every Lomo’Instant camera comes with four color gel flash filters so that you can tint your frame a whole different color. They let you steep your shot in emotion, and they’re perfect for pairing with your Splitzer. Drain your anger onto your frame with the red and pink filters, drench your shot in sadness with the blue filters and strike your shot with envy using the green.

Photos by bgaluppo, senknys and joeribt

Psychedelic Light Paingtings

Each Lomo’Instant camera gives you the option to leave your shutter open for up to 30 seconds by switching to long-exposure Bulb Mode. The perfect way to paint your psyche onto your frame, this gives you the option to fill your frame with surreal light streaks. Use a light source to paint psychedelic patterns in your shot, edge your subject in light drawings, or try leaving your shutter open as the traffic flies by to capture their headlights in a mind-bending streak across your frame.

Photos by grad, merry and rwins

How does your mind work when no one is watching? Sign up to share your surrealist shots with the Community and post a link in the comments below — we can’t wait to see them!

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