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Miriam Sobrino Martin is a Fashion Photographer and Creative Director who lives between Madrid and London. Let's get to know her better in this short interview.

Credits: Miriam Sobrino Martin

Hey Miriam! - Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! I'm Miriam, 26 years old, fashion photographer and born in Ciudad Real. I just came back from England where I lived for a few years and now I am trying my luck in Madrid.

To start off, we would like to propose a fun quiz to you. Do you think that the result reflects your photography style?

Result: Fabulous Flaunter

Actually, it has always been difficult for me to define myself and above all my own style, so I am grateful when others define me even though sometimes I get some colourful results such as in this quiz hahah.

Credits: Miriam Sobrino Martin

How did you get into the photography world? - Tell us more about your journey

I had always been passionate about the world of photography, I knew that I wanted to study something creative but it wasn't clear to me what subject fit me best, so that's why I studied Fine Arts, it's something that was always clear to me. And, without a doubt, photography was my favourite as a medium for creating and expressing myself, and since then until now I have been experimenting as much as I can with photography.

Credits: Miriam Sobrino Martin

Tell us about your experience shooting on film.

My first contact with photography was in analogue and the truth is that I was impressed with the results that you coud get with an analogue camera, developing the roll yourself and making the positive copies. It was something nice to learn, even though today it's something that has become so obsolete. Over the years I've tried many analogue cameras, with the instant ones being my favourites, I am not going to hide that today I use more digital than analogue for economy, but I always carry my Olympus around with me to take shots on film during photoshoots, that I keep for myself.

Credits: Miriam Sobrino Martin

Who are your references within the world of fashion photography?

Discovering photographers like Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin involved a change in me and attracted all my interest towards fashion photography. In general, I am always up to date on publications in fashion magazines and this inspires me a lot, in the same way as cinema does (of which I am a mega fan) and music. But there are also a lot of creative peope that I've met, over the years and who have inspired me, I think that in order to evolve creatively the milieu in which you move has a lot of influence. Above all, I've had the luck of assisting photographers in London from whom I have learnt loads, from each and every one of them.

Credits: Miriam Sobrino Martin

What is the difference between the current photography scene in Madrid and London?

Personally I think that they are slightly different from each other, London is a burgeoning city full of young creatives from all over, where nothing is impossible, definitely, and the people are open to collaborating and carrying though all kinds of ideas. There, I was able to collaborate with emerging fashion brands, magazines, stylists and make-up artists. Regarding Madrid I think that there are lots of talented people doing brilliant things, personally I just got here and I am still adapting to the scene, although at first sight it does seem more complicated to move here.

Credits: Miriam Sobrino Martin

Upcoming projects?

Currently, I am contacting a number of different Madrid artists, little by little things are cooking up and we I hope to be able to talk about new projects in the future, travelling of course, as much as I can, and going back to London occasionally to keep collaborating with the people that I met there.


Drop by Miriam's website to find out more about her work and follow her on Instagram!

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