Digital to Film: Unlikely Transitions by Singaporean Students


Kit Ling and Kwok Jia Yang are currently students in Singapore. Both of them started taking photographs at a young age using digital cameras. After exposure to film photography, both of them decided to shoot more on the film side of the trade.

© Kit Ling courtesy of The Octant | Yi Lin Peh

Kit's transition to analog photography happened after her father gave her 2 Lomography cameras, the Diana F+ and the Fisheye Baby 110mm, for her birthday. However, Jia Yang's transition story is a bit different and he decided to shoot film because he wants to shoot with better accuracy and purpose, saying that "when you shoot with a DSLR, you aren’t really paying attention to each photo. That was problematic for me – I wasn’t paying attention to what I was shooting."

© Kwok Jia Yang courtesy of The Octant | Yi Lin Peh

The topic of film versus digital is often explored. When asked about this, Kit and Jia Yang have different perspectives.

Kit stated that "shooting on film, on compact camera, on your phone, you’re still capturing a photo. There are certain more advanced elements to it, such as lighting, but the essence is still the photo, the silver of a moment," while Jia Yang stated that “there are a lot of photographers who say it’s more the photographer than the camera, but I find that confusing. Without my camera, I am nothing."

© Kwok Jia Yang courtesy of The Octant | Yi Lin Peh

For more details on this interview, read the full article by Yi Lin Peh.

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    "whitout my camera, i'm nothing" definitively.

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