Blog Alert: Tokyo Camera Style


We chanced once again upon the Tokyo Camera Style blog after all these years and we immediately thought of our Gear Envy series. There's just so many great cameras on display on the blog that we just had to share it with all of you here in the community. Take a look at some of our recent finds from the blog:

© Tokyo Camera Style

Being home to some of the biggest and most innovative camera companies, the land of the rising sun is indeed a treasure trove for great camera finds. The Japanese people have great taste when it comes to street style and it's not surprising to see that their camera style is on point as well. Aside from getting your daily fix of nice looking cameras (and equally wonderful performing), Tokyo Camera Style is a great resource for anyone who's hunting for a new camera to cop.

© Tokyo Camera Style

Browse through their posts and you'll instantly get camera inspiration and probably an all too familiar itch that we know as the "gear acquisition syndrome" or GAS. The blog is just addictive if you ask us. Go and give them a follow although don't say we didn't warn you!

written by Lomography on 2018-02-13 #gear #culture #gear #blog-alert #tokyo-camera-style

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