Around the World in Analogue: Chazelles-sur-Lyon


"Around the World in Analogue" is your bite-size guide to the most amazing travel destinations across the globe, as documented by the members of the Lomography community. Today, lomographer Gérard HEINZ (@gheinz) shares what make Chazelles-sur-Lyon a remarkable place to live in.

Name: Gérard HEINZ
LomoHome: @gheinz
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Strava
Camera: Lomo LC-A+
Film: Fuji Superia 400
Location: Chazelles-sur-Lyon (department of Loire, France)

Credits: gheinz

Chazelles-sur-Lyon is a little place lost between two French departments, Rhône and Loire, and located in the Monts du Lyonnais. 50 km west of Lyon, and 30 km north-east of Saint-Etienne. A bit more than 7,000 inhabitants with an old industrial history, Chazelles-sur-Lyon was the capital of rabbit felt hats production. For instance, King George VI wore a Chazelles-made hat and François Mitterrand, former French president, only bought his hats in Chazelles.

Credits: gheinz

People are very smart and welcoming here. I’m the headmaster of the high school of Chazelles. And since we arrived here on September 2016, it has been fantastic to live here.
The view from our house on the Monts du Lyonnais is just breathtaking, with or without snow. The rugby ball is just a wink to my son, playing passionately rugby. And the African masks are the testimony of our long relationship to Burkina Faso, where I made a lot of travels. And I don’t must forget Merlin, our family cat. It’s the paradise for him, he can hunt mice and spend a lot of time outside.

Credits: gheinz

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  1. gheinz
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    Thanks for @lomography to bring to the fore the little town of Chazelles... and thanks for your likes !

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