Baccala — Fashion, Art, and Photography in Print

Alessandro Casagrande is back with another yet interesting venture. This time, he brings his talent and creative eye to the world of print.

BACCALÀ is a fashion, art, and photography magazine launched in 2017 by Casagrande and business partner Scott Sant'Angelo. The BACCALÀ is a bi-annual independent magazine that is sold around the world. It's rich in photographic content and artwork from various artists who have something to say in this burgeoning world of mixed fashion and art. BACCALÀ's premier issue was launched during the iconic Milan Fashion Week while its next issue is set to be released on June of 2018.

Alessandro is one of our TEN AND ONE AWARDS judges. Check out his short interview and find out more about him.

If you're interested in BACCALÀ, head over to their website to learn more.

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