Lomographic Trends to Watch Out for 2018


A new year entails a new set of visual fads and aesthetics to dominate the year. Earlier this January, many visual trendsetters reported their predictions in various aspects of contemporary art. It's Lomography's time to forecast for future of analogue photography.

The resurrection of Surrealist photography

Political correctness is ever active today. Globally we are seeing a world filled with human activity getting more and more involved with important issues. We do admit, realism is amazing but tedious. Art once again re-enters into the definition of idealism and escapism, where all things are unfamiliar and utopic. Surrealist photography through multiple exposures and collages will be huge for 2018.

Breda Milis of Adobe said: "There’s a reverence for the natural world, but with an intensity, an almost psychedelic twist. These artists are asking us to consider what is beautiful, and what is alive.”

Credits: pussyii, stonerfairy, blueskyandhardrock & vas_vas

Travel photography as art

Travel photography will be more rampant this year, according to Digital Arts Online. Many of which would showcase carefree, nature-loving lifestyles. Solitude and silence will be revered for the contemplative and pensieve approach to travel aesthetics.

Credits: bigkoala, wolfinthewoods, bennfilms & iblissss

Raining it purple

No surprise with this one -- Pantone's "Color of the Year" Ulta Violet will be touching every aspect of our lives -- from furniture, fashion, to visuals. Paired with the surrealistic trend to take over this year, it's going to be one purple daze. We're thinking that the Lomochrome Purple might just satisfy the craving.

Credits: vonbitchfisk, earlybird, adash & blueskyandhardrock

The smaller the better: compact film cameras

As predicted by Lomography last year, 2017 was the year of film. And we were right. From new emulsions to rebranded stocks, new instant cameras and hybrids, the hype continues for 2018. Rangefinder expects small 35mm film cameras to be the must-have for every analogue photographer. That means resting from bulky cameras, medium and large format gear. Not surprised here, the ability to take it everywhere is an important aspect of the 21st century. Hmm, any takers for the Lomo LC-A+?

Credits: adi_totp, vedicnation, mingkie & anjinho

Black and white infrared film experiments

This trend is a surprising and exciting one. Shutterbug reported that a massive pile of monochrome film photographs coming from several photographers during the latter half of 2017.Year 2017 also saw the launching of Film Ferrania's P30 and Bergger's Pancro400.

A popular among the fine art photographers, we're thinking that infrared films such as Efke IR 820 Aura 35mm or Ilford SFX 200 Infrared B&W 35mm to boom.

Credits: mylatehope, realrampage, clownshoes & xsara

What are you expecting to be popular for film photography this year?

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  1. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    I'm looking forward to xpro'ing the new batches of Ektachrome!

  2. zhenyaetoya
    zhenyaetoya ·

    @mtsteve keep fingers crossed!

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    I'm looking forward for lomochrome turquoise & lomochrome infra red color

  4. argentic-translation
  5. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Objectivity, realism, precision, detachment, democracy of the subjects. I'm tired of neo pictorialism, xpro, blurred images, bokeh, out of focus images, vignetting and distortions. Not suited to document these sad years, this dark period. I hope in a return to the pure objectivism as in Walker Evans images.

  6. w-david
    w-david ·

    I'm starting the year out with a Disderi Robot 3 I hope it will help me create surreal and collage images.

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