A Steven Spielberg Shot List in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"


The first installment of the Indiana Jones movie series was one of the top-grossing films and continues to be so today. It was a highly acclaimed film, and most noted for Spielberg's "desert chase" scene. Here, the guys at Shot by Shot break down the iconic piece.

The trouble with filming long action scenes is running the risk of losing your audience and get off the tangent. Gladly, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" does not suffer from this hardly-missed flaw among filmmakers.

Considered as the finest action scene by many, the "desert chase" scene is one of today's best examples of an action scene. The director Steven Spielberg utilized many of the camera angles and camera movement to make the scene fluid and well-paced while keeping things interesting by changing points-of-view multiple times.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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