Wan Chai 70’s: Before the Night


The metropolitan area of Wan Chai may as well be known as a notorious red light district where sex and vices go crazy in evenings. Known for its nightlife, the area was a famous spot for US sailors and servicemen of the Vietnam War. Here, collector m20wc51 shares his humble archive of Wan Chai during the 70's.

Perhaps what’s more fascinating is that Wan Chai has long been known as a red light zone since 1842, where outsiders of society and fringed workers go to for rest and relaxation. To see this famous area in the 70’s in broad daylight seems unnerving - almost a ghost town by morning, a living, partying city by evening.

Today, Wan Chai is a major spot for arts and culture in Hong Kong, housing theaters and foreign language institutions as well as galleries and exhibitions. Some of the dive bars are still around, but generally Wan Chai became diverse with restaurants and pubs, a favorite tourist spot for all fun nighttime endeavors.

Images are from Flashbak.

2018-01-18 #culture #street-photography #wan-chai #vintage-photography

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  1. jaunman
    jaunman ·

    Wan Chai is pretty much still the same - Amazing piece of history frozen in time. I fear a whole generation of photos will be lost as no one prints anymore,

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