Everlasting Love in Analogue

We've all been there — love struck or love sick. That familiar sensation of having butterflies in your stomach will always be a welcome feeling, especially when you get to hold that camera that made you believe in love at first sight. You just can't help but swoon over and over again every time you hear that 'click' when you take a photo.

Credits: crayfish

Love comes in different shapes and sizes. For us here in the community, it doesn't matter if its 35mm, 120, 110, or instant, as long as you love what you do; it's all good. We love the idea that everyone has a favorite film or camera and that they have their own love stories. Other believe in fate, while others in fortunate meetings but we know one thing — it's all wrapped into one romantic analogue story. Your photos and stories tell it all and we hope you keep them coming! Let's make 2018 a year for more wonderful and romantic love stories across all formats!

Credits: izadrazi, svenevs, moodification, gotoarizona, disdis, crayfish, donnalibera, brettallensmith, peterpan61, vicuna, ohlordy & sweetyyydreams

Consider it mushy, gushy, or downright corny but it is what it is! Love makes you do crazy things so we guess that's all a part of it. And besides, it's almost Valentine's so we're not close to the idea of mushiness in the community. As a matter of fact, we welcome it! Keep those hearts fluttering!

2018-02-14 #analogue #everlasting #love-month

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