Through Californian Car Windows: "People in Cars"


In the 1970's, photographer Mike Mandel once stood on a Hollywood sidewalk, with his camera focusing on passerby cars and the people inside them. The results lead to an interesting series of street photography reflecting the attitudes of people while on-the-go.

Mandel was in the corner of Victory Boulevard and Coldwater Canyon Avenue when he did the series. He stood there during late afternoons, when the light is lowest in the west, waiting for subjects to appear. He did this for at least a year, burning around 60 rolls of film with a variety of reactions from people. The series was called People in Cars.

Some were confused, delighted, some were nonchalant, annoyed, intrigued. One attempted to grab the camera, and there was another one who flipped the bird. Such process in photography, if recontextualized today, would prove very difficult to make fruition. In a paranoid era, waiting and capturing strangers straight out of their cars would come off creepy and harmful. Thus, Mandel's series is a delightful welcome of the simpler past.

Images are from Flashbak.

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    See also Henry Wessel: Traffic / Sunset Park / Continental Divide

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