Monday Moodboard: Tip Your Hat for 'Hat Day'


Believe it or not, today is Hat Day! So maybe you can start your Monday a little bit fashionable or eccentric by donning an elegant wide brim, or an animal party hat at that! For this week's Monday Moodboard we bring the old custom of tipping one's hat as a greeting.

Sometimes one can't help but dream of the past, where women wear puffy large dresses, people ride carriages to get to places, and more. The gentlemen of then were mostly dapper-looking -- polished from head to toe. And such, they'd tip their hats as their way of greeting familiar faces they come across. Wearing hats today have become rarer among most people. So how about donning your favorite one for Monday to boost your confidence?

Credits: mfrank, lipstick-lori, lazarusphotography, lomodesbro, lomographics, grazie, willyb311, aka_papu, crismiranda, clownshoes, japsix, lola_juanlu, montagu & gocchin

2018-01-15 #news #monday-moodboard #hat-day

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