Shoot Film In Vietnam's Distinct Sites

Rich with history, Vietnam is a land of grace and resilience, of brutal pasts and bright futures. For this article, let's focus on Vietnam and all the analog experiences waiting to happen on your visit.

Mekong Delta

Vietnam's famous floating market is situated in the Mekong Delta. This body of water sustains life even before our time and continues to provide for the community. You may just find this site interesting and capture Vietnam's heritage through the daily grind happening here.

Credits: harrietgreen

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a seaside resort city that boasts beautiful structures against the natural resources and opens up beautiful perspectives for any kind of photo shoot you may have in mind.

Credits: chourique


Mountains meet the skies at Sapa. This quiet town is used to foot traffic caused by hikers and mountaineers and offers a different perspective of life in Vietnam. Here, you can also meet local tribes and further your knowledge of this charming country.

Credits: sobetion & milousmaal

written by crissyrobles on 2018-02-23 #places

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