Kodak's Reel Film App: Find Movies Shot on Film Easily

Our friends from Kodak, have returned with a new app titled "Kodak Reel Film App" that allows users to see what films were shot on good ol' analogue film and also where they're playing near you.

When I took a look at some of the films that were shot on film, I was shocked! Even recent films such as "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", "I, Tonya", and "The Post" were shot using film. I think with the revival of analogue media (i.e. film photography, vinyl records, cassettes) it only seems natural to re-introduce the practice of shooting on film back into circulation. Kodak makes this extremely easy for you to use. You can download the app on both Android and IOS platforms. You can search for films shot on film and find theaters playing said film. Or just find theaters near you that are projecting films near you.

With the launch of this app, Kodak also launched their 2017 Top Films Shown on Film list, going into depth about what movies they loved shown in analogue. It's pretty cool to know how many films are still sticking to their film roots, offering both digital and analogue viewings to their audience's preference.

You can download the Kodak Reel Film app through the App Store on IOS and Android platforms.

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-01-19 #news #film #kodak #app

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