The Hand-Tinted Enigma: Chiara Dondi's Old World, Women of New

The year 2018 will be twelve months of retro-futurist aesthetics where the new meets the old. Welcome Italian analogue shooter Chiara Dondi as she uses the vintage style of the 19th century and early Pictorialist photography in capturing the faces of 21st-century women.

The photographer hails from the ever artistic and historic country of Italy, the blessed nation in which every corner is a foundation of classic art. Having such environment allowed her to grow from her youth while keeping her childlike wonder. Her love for art, design, music, film, and history coalesced into a dark, mysterious, young oeuvre that beckons to unleash. Her models very much belong to the infant century, where strong women rule.

One can imagine her listening to classical music and new wave -- the soundtrack of her analogue grind. Chiara's process is to shoot in black and white film and add color by painting them on hand, a method and work process in which Chiara described that this is how the painter in her manifests through photography.

Watch out for our interview with Chiara soon! Meanwhile, visit her website, Instagram and Facebook for more of her work.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2018-01-14 #people #analogue-photography #film-photography #chiara-dondi

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