Wonderfully Wide in Black and White with Edward Conde


Stuck in a creative rut lately? Maybe all you need is a little exercise to refresh your views! Try on the Lomo'Instant Wide for a change and see if you can fill the frame with all things wonderful!

Photo by @edwardconde

Photographer and our fellow community member Edward Conde did just that as he went around town shooting whatever caught his imagination. We were blown away by the rich texture and intense black and white tones in his instants. It just goes to show that you can never go wrong with black and white film even on instant cameras!

Photos by @edwardconde

The Lomo'Instant Wide is a great companion to have when you don't know what to expect. Capture captivating landscapes, create one-of-a-kind portraits of interesting people you meet, or shoot lovely wide stills or street snaps, they're a cinch for the marvelously capable Lomo'Instant Wide. What's even better is that you can load up the Lomo'Instant Wide with Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome film to give your photographs a classic feel. Black and white will simply never go out of style! Trust us on that.

And if you're looking for the Fujifilm Instax Wide Monochrome film, you're in luck. It's now available at the Online Shop! Grab a box or two now and experience the monochrome class in wide instant film format. Don't wait too long though, they do sell quickly!

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