New Beginnings: Square up Your Perspective

Rolleiflex revolutionised photography when it invented the square format in 1929, and photography hot shots such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Robert Doisneau have been shooting with the popular format ever since.

If you make one New Year's resolution this year let it be it this — switch up your perspective. It’s time to reevaluate your composition, throw out the ordinary, embrace the weird and the wonderful and embark upon a new, experimental journey— whatcha waiting for? Be there or be square!

Photo by Jedpiya Wongwutthichaisilp

Composition is Key

Place your subject in the center of your square frame, or close to the edge and see what happens. When you shoot with square film you shave away a third of your image, but you’re left with two super strong thirds. Learn to eliminate all superfluous material, and home in on the details — now's the time to exaggerate shape and form.

Photos by Rob Detoyato and Sebastian Gansrigler
Photos Adam Powell and Sunsern Poontavee

Start from Square One

Frame your shots with a new square format. Start again from square one and put your best creative foot forward with the world’s first fully analogue camera to work with Fujifilm Instax Square and Mini Film, the Lomo’Instant Square — your ticket to a brand new perspective.

From the very first moment you get your Lomo’Instant Square, to when you press it gently to your cheek, peer through the viewfinder and impulsively snap down on the shutter release – we wanna see it all, right from square one! Send us first shots, favorite shots, funny shots and all the things that make analogue life B-E-A-U-tiful! Get in on all the square hype now and send in your very first moments with your brand new dual-format master now using the hashtags #square1 and #lomoinstantsquare.

Photos by Luca Font and Greg Ferro

Get the edge on instant photography and preorder your Lomo’Instant Square from the Lomography Online Shop or Gallery Store near you now.

2018-01-16 #gear

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