"The White Girl" Through Lomography Art Lenses by Am

Directed by Jenny Suen and Christopher Doyle, starring Japanese actor Joe Odagiri and Hong Kong artist Angela Yuen , Hong Kong movie《The White Girl》 is currently showing in theatres. The Hong Kong Photographer, member of Yamanaka Yuko, Am also joined the set for two days, check out the photos he has taken with the New Jupiter 3+ and Petzval 85 art lens .

Participated in other still shootings, how do you find this one different? Any challenges?

My previous shootings on set are as helping hands. Most of them are indoor shootings, so even I had shot for a day, the lights are the same, which really couldn't feel the loss of time. This time, both days are outdoor shootings, which really depended on the weather. Luckily the weather was fine and the shooting went well.

Are there any unforgettable or interesting things happened on set?

Many actors have performed differently in every test shoot and surprisingly other can interact naturally, it makes the shooting more lively. And the actors are very familiar with their scripts and character, which allowed them to express themselves thoroughly.

Which photo is your favourite?

I love this, Ho Zai is born to be an actor!

Why did you choose the New Jupiter 3+ and Petzval 85 Art Lens for the shooting?

Since we cannot walk too close to the set when shooting stills, therefore I have chosen the Petzval 85 Art Lens. With the high resolution of the Sony A7R2, I can crop to a suitable composition afterwards. And due to the limited space, most of the photos are taken by the Petzval 85 Art Lens. When i have chances to get closer to the actors, I would use the New Jupiter 3+ with Sony A7S2. And 50mm is the focal length that I normally use, which is easier for me. Also, the cameras that I used has silent shutters, so it would not disturb the live recording.

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About The White Girl

After working together on a Hong Kong Trilogy, renowned cinematographer Christopher Doyle and first-time director Jenny Suen teamed up again for the visually and emotionally beguiling drama The White Girl. Born with a sun allergy, the White Girl lives in the disappearing fishing community of Pearl Village, and all she wants to do is escape. At night, she meets a mysterious Japanese outsider by the sea, and her world begins to grow bigger. Meanwhile, her only friend, an inquisitive young boy, catches on to the connection between the village chief and a group of visiting property developers.

2018-01-25 #gear #people

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