Photographer Zaps Photographic Film with Electricity

Photographer Ted Kinsman printed spark patterns on analogue medium with the use of Wimshurst machine and various emulsions.

This scientific and photographic experiments began as Kinsman took interest in static discharge patterns on X-ray film. The patterns were charged due to he build-up on plastic rollers and auto-development machines. Thus, Kinsman challenged himself to make better patterns in the lab.

Photography by Ted Kinsman.

Kinsman used a 1900s technology, the Wimshurst machine, a demonstration electrostatic generator that can safely and easily record the patterns. The machine can generate a voltage of 50,000 with a low current, making it very safe for classroom use. He recorded the sparks in a darkroom.

His findings were that different manufacturers yield different types of patterns -- he used a Kodak 120 Ektachrome Professional Color Slide Film, Fujichrome Velvia 100 Daylight film, and a Kodak Min-R X-ray film.

Photography by Ted Kinsman.


Images by Peta Pixel.

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