Ed Mason: First Impressions of the Neptune Convertible Art Lens

Documentry and music photographer Ed Mason is used to shooting right in the centre of crowded gigs. He took time away from the music scene to test out the Neptune Convertible Art Lens at his friends painting studio in London.

Photos using the Thalassa 3.5/35mm Art Lens

Name: Edward Mason
Location: London
Profession: Photographer
Social Media links: edmasonphoto

Other interests aside from photography

I love music it has been a huge part of my life from playing it to moving into taking photos of everything that surrounds it. I am interested in people, I like making connections, listening to stories, making friends.

Photos using the Thalassa 3.5/35mm Art Lens

Hello! Tell us a bit about your photography background.

Hello! I got into photography through the hardcore and punk music scene, for me It really started around 2007, I was playing in a band and I would shoot the other bands playing the shows and documenting everything around them and it just very slowly built up over time. I now work with several publications and have been able to work and tour documenting some incredible artists.

Photos using the Thalassa 3.5/35mm Art Lens

How did you get on shooting with the Neptune Convertible Art Lenses?

The lens is a really cool idea, I can have 3 lenses take up very little room in my bag which is great for when you don't want to lug lots of stuff around. I mainly shot with the 35mm and the 50mm, they have lots of character, colour casts and interesting lens flares when shooting into the light.

Photos using the Thalassa 3.5/35mm Art Lens

What did you choose to shoot?

I spent some time in the studio with artist Hugo Lloyd-Winder while he is working on some new large scale painting pieces.

Photos using the Thalassa 3.5/35mm Art Lens

Any pointers that one should keep in mind when using the Neptune Convertible Art Lenses.

I was using a Canon 6D and the camera does not tell you when the manual lens is in focus, this could be tricky for some as it can be a little hard see what is totally sharp but it is not a big problem for an art lens it allows you to freely shoot as if it were an older film camera with a separate viewfinder.

For more information visit edmasonphoto.com

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