TEN AND ONE Residency Week Recap: Kamila Kulik (@kamila_k)


On the fourth day of Residency Week in Vienna, Lomography organized a day trip to Bratislava for us. The capital of Slovakia is only an hour away from Vienna by train so the trip turned out to be a wonderful idea. We were supposed to meet on the main railway station Hauptbahnhof.

Befitting true photography enthusiasts, we didn’t part with our cameras even for a second. In the subway, at the station, on the train, literally everywhere you could see us taking pictures.

The weather in Bratislava was great. It was cold and windy but sunny. We didn't have a plan for the sightseeing, we’ve just decided to walk around the Old City but our goal was of course to take as many photos as we can.

Our next stop was the main castle in Bratislava situated on the hill above the Danube with the beautiful panorama of the city. On the way, we passed by the New Bridge with an amazing restaurant located at the very top of it, looking so unreal like from a sci-fi movie, called The UFO Restaurant.

In the park in front of the castle, Monty (@montagu) decided to teach us how to handle his Chamonix large format camera. It turned out that setting everything is not so easy and takes a lot of time but Monty patiently explained the steps on how to take a photo.

Next thing I remember was sitting and freezing (Thanks Mario, Monty!) on the ground and posing to Mario (@guanatos) so he could try to take a picture with Monty's camera for the first time. It wasn’t easy, it requires sacrifice but it was worth it!

The city was lovely and we have spent there wonderful and funny moments, like meeting super friendly and crazy group of tourists from China.

At the beginning we were just a group of strangers who share the passion to photography but day by day we were getting know each other better and better. The trip to Bratislava was another great opportunity to share experiences. Learning about different cultures, seeing life through someone else’s perspective, listening to other people life stories is always fascinating and I’m so happy I could meet so many amazing and inspiring people.

During our stay in Bratislava, Mario took pictures with the LomoKino camera, his film from that day is a beautiful memory for us all.

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  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    sorry for taking so long with the large format....
    the image came out really nice ;)

  2. kamila_k
    kamila_k ·

    @guanatos Don't know if I can forgive you.. ;)

  3. edwardconde
    edwardconde ·

    :) Such a great week!

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