【Lomo'Instant Square】與香港舞蹈團舞者同遊深水埗區

早前,三位本地攝影師 Elvis TangKhalil KwokRaymond Chin 帶上 Lomography 鏡頭與 香港舞蹈團 的舞者到訪深水埗區,以街道為舞台,拍攝舞者動人的舞姿。香港團隊亦帶上了 Lomo'Instant Square ,以即影即有攝影捕捉當下。



最後我們到達了布街。雖然冬天的太陽落得快,加上密麻的大廈遮擋下,只餘下微光,但也無阻 Lomo'Instant Square 拍攝!三人在街道上跳舞時更引來各街坊圍觀,相信對舞者們與攝影師來說,都是一場難忘的體驗!

written by phyllistc on 2018-01-08 #culture #lomographyxhkdc

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Lomo'Instant Square Glass

Lomo'Instant Square Glass

The Lomo’Instant Square Glass is the first and only fully analogue instant camera on the planet Earth to produce Instax square pictures. It lets you capture the world in a powerful snapshot while the square frame paves the way for wacky compositions. With a 95mm glass lens (45mm equivalent) and an automatic mode that takes care of exposure, the Lomo’Instant Square makes shooting super sharp, perfectly exposed snaps easy.

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