Gear Envy - Leica IIIcK "W.H." Rundbildkamera E2


There are cameras that wow you with their grace and fine details, then there are cameras that just jolt you out of your seats like they were made for a shock and awe war campaign. This Leica IIIcK belongs to the latter group.

© Lars Netopil Classic Cameras

We spotted this stunner of a camera over at Lars Netopil Classic Cameras and we just couldn't stop staring. Not only that, we couldn't help but wonder how it feels like to look into its finder and actually take a photo with it. The feeling must be overwhelming and we could say the same thing about its many attachments (so many things are going through our minds as we try to comprehend the existence of this awesome camera.)

© Lars Netopil Classic Cameras

This panoramic camera is a marvelous piece of engineering. One look at it and you know it was designed and built with a specific purpose in mind. Aesthetics-wise, that gray paint makes it look all rough and rugged but that's to be expected from German military equipment. Extremely rare? Yes. Extremely beautiful beyond its rugged looks? Another yes would be an understatement.

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written by Lomography on 2018-01-17 #gear #gear #gear-envy #leica-iiick #lars-netopil-classic-cameras

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