Around the World in Analogue: Georgia


"Around the World in Analogue" is your bite-size guide to the most amazing travel destinations across the globe, as documented by the members of the Lomography community. Today, lomographer Inès de Ferran familiarized herself with the culture and grandeur of Georgia.

Name: Inès de Ferran
LomoHome: @inesdeferran
Social Media: Instagram
Camera: Canon F1
Film: Fuji 200
Location: Georgia (Tbilisi and Kakheti Region)

It was my first time in Georgia, although I have been wanting to go since I met my boyfriend (now husband). I insisted that we go visit his homeland for months before we finally booked our tickets for August 2017.

I didn't only get to know my husband's roots but also discovered a beautiful country and its amazing capital city. I saw the Caucasus for the first time and wander in the vineyards where wine was first made 8, 000 years ago.

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2018-01-05 #places #lomohomes #around-the-world-in-analogue

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