DIY Camera Fix - Basic Tools

Fix Old Cameras is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing film photographers and would-be camera tinkerers an educational resource for fixing or maintaining film cameras. You can learn a lot from following the step-by-step procedures all in the comfort of your work table.

Fix Old Cameras: Camera Repair Tools, Part One via YouTube

In this two-part intro series, they show you the basic tools you'll need for quick camera repairs. What's great about this is that you get to understand how your camera works. Most film cameras are mechanical so these tips are quite useful if you're looking to pursue more creative adventures this 2018. Plus, you get the joy of resurrecting your old cameras while you save on your hard-earned money -- that way you can use the extra cash to do new film projects and buy photography gear.

Fix Old Cameras: Camera Repair Tools, Part Two via YouTube

From stuck shutters to light seal replacement procedures, Fix Old Cameras has dedicated videos that are easy to understand even if you're a beginner to the world of camera repairs. Follow the DIY way and subscribe to their channel. Who knows? Maybe that old Olympus, Nikon, or Canon camera sitting at your desk is just a video away from springing back to life. Now, get busy!

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