The Vivid Colors of Brian De Palma


Here's another filmmaker's color palette that we just have to study -- from "Scarface", "Carrie", "The Untouchables" and more, here is Brian de Palma's "cinematic palette".

The filmmaker is known for crime, suspense and psychological thriller films, all carrying with them attitudes. De Palma employs color not in relation to character, but to create the mood, or to signify metamorphosis. A threshold. Take for example in Carrie, he uses blues and reds to contrast the momentary triumphant mood of Sissy Spacek's character in blues, then red with her tormentors.

The preview image was taken from the video.

written by lomographymagazine on 2018-01-06 #culture #videos #cinematography #brian-de-palma #cinema-colors

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