Painter Alphonse Mucha's Works in Photography


The Czech Art Noveau painter Alphonse Mucha was a man of many mediums -- apart from painting, he worked with illustrations, advertisements, postcards, designs, and least known, photography.

Alphonse began with photography in the early 1880s, Vienna, where he borrowed a camera. He didn't get to own a camera until his success and recognition in Paris. His photographs drew from a large studio in Val de Grâce, where with more lights, large windows and glass ceilings helped with his output.

Mucha made a remarkable series of portraits of his models, using photography as an inexpensive way to study the body and forms in the composition. HIs studio was a rather different one compared to his contemporaries -- his was a world of art in its own right.

While his photography remains slightly popular, they are now being considered outdated.

Images are from Vintage Everyday.

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  1. smolda
    smolda ·

    He's brilliant. Being able to witness The Slav Epic he painted, was absolutely incredible. <3

  2. jaanius
    jaanius ·

    Brilliant painter and artist. with great fantasy. ;)

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