Photographs of Teenagers from the Thatcher Years


The tenure of then-prime minister Margaret Thatcher occurred in a depressed state of the economy in Britain. The youth, as captured by Tish Murtha, were hopeless and jobless.

This resulted in depraved areas in England, with teenagers squatting out in the streets all unemployed, such as in Newcastle.

The area was Murtha’s hometown, and she started to document the daily lives of the young, marginalized communities, her friends and families as she invests on relationships with her subjects to capture the authenticity of her photo-reportage. Afterwards, she would share the photographs by giving out the portraits she took to her subjects.

Images are from Vintage Everyday.

2018-01-07 #culture #tish-murtha


  1. david_c
    david_c ·

    The book of Tish Murphy's photos "Youth Unemployment" published at the end of last year was informative and really beautiful and a bargain at only £25.
    A worthy additional to your coffee table, especially if you're based in the UK, doubly so if you're in the North.

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Seem very interesting. Another great books of the sad Thatcher era are: "In Flagrante" by Christ Killip and "Beyond Caring" by Paul Graham.

  3. david_c
    david_c ·

    @sirio174 noted. Thank you

  4. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Received yesterday. This book is a masterpiece

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