Monday Moodboard: Welcome, 2018!

Who would have guessed that the first Monday of 2018 would also be the first day of the New Year? This is one of the rare moments you'll love Mondays -- bring out the food and shakers and celebrate the dawn of the new year!

Have you been listing your resolutions already? What about those goals you didn't get to accomplish last year? Time to jot those down while gobbling up the fruitcake and bottoms up with the merlot, or better yet, party with your best pals as you all welcome the first day of the year.

Credits: walasiteodito, yanicat, kibs, deprofundis, poepel, oldstandby, bloomchen, arsomilio, tommynorth, minilidia, micky_s & littlekoala

2018-01-01 #culture #inspiration #new-year #monday-moodboard

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