Behind-the-Scenes Stills From 'A Bout de Souffle' Set

2018-01-02 2

Taken by the renowned set photographer of the French New Wave, Raymond Cauchetier also took photographs from Jean-Luc Godard's Iconic "A Bout de Souffle".

Cauchetier was a self-taught photographer, served in the press corps of French Air Force in Indochina. His unit did not have their own budget for photographic equipment so he had to buy his own Rolleiflex camera. He stayed there and remained in the region, eventually meeting director Marcel Camus, who then hired him as a set photographer.

Godard and his cinematographer Raoul Coutard to shoot the entire film with a hand-held camera, with almost no extra lighting, using Ilford HPS film, though unavailable as motion picture stock. The film was pushed 400 ASA and 800 ASA. Coutard also used an Eclair Cameflex camera.

Images are from Flashbak.

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  1. kamila_k
    kamila_k ·

    Beautiful photos and wonderful film :)

  2. montagu
    montagu ·

    @kamila_k Yeah, these photos are absolutely amazing!

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