Illuminating the New Year: Pyrotechnics Photography

In a few hours, the year 2017 comes to a close, and a new year dawns the world. So go on, raise up your cameras and picture the night sky as it begins to adorn the darkness with the stars.

Fireworks and sparklers have been a universal tradition -- every new year, in every corner of the world, there's light and noise to beat out the old, and into the new. Lomographers, keep moving forward and take on the difficult: curate the lights of the night!

Credits: mafiosa, poepel, kiri-girl, jemmaburgin, rossjphillips, lonerider41life, boredyouth, bloomchen, vflorian2000, pataliebre, kylethefrench, ces1um, lomo-camkage, lavender_grove, schlafer & pearlgirl77

2017-12-31 #culture #fireworks #pyrotechnics #light-photography

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